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Every day, each person should have 5 fruits and vegetables, 2 hours or less of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity or playtime, and 0 sugary drinks!
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Healthy Activity Spotlight: Running

While some sports are very costly (rock-climbing equipment isn’t cheap), running is one of the least expensive and easiest physical activities to start. All you need is a tee you don’t mind getting sweaty in, sweatpants or shorts, and some sneakers! Before you start running, however, it’s good to learn about correct running form so you can keep yourself injury free.

  1. Mid-foot strike. Most running experts advise that your foot hit the ground somewhere around the middle of your foot. Some will say between the middle of the foot and the heel. If you aim for connecting with the ground (or treadmill) near the middle, you should be starting out right.
  2. Swinging arms. One important part of running form is keeping your arms truly swinging at your sides. Imagine you are wearing a jacket that zips up the front (or actually put on a jacket to really get the feel). Your hands should not cross the area where the zipper should be (or is). Your arms should swing forward and back, and a bit across, but should not cross your chest. 
  3. Lean. When you take your first step on a run, lean forward at you ankles, almost as if you are simulating falling. Then, catch yourself with your first stride and continue! This is running. You want to be slightly bent forward at the ankle (not the waist!).
  4. Shoulders. Keep your shoulders down. If you feel your shoulders start to creep up towards your ears, stop for a second and stretch to relax them.
  5. Stand up Straight. While you want to have a slight lean at your ankles, the rest of your body should be straight. If you aren’t sure if your posture is good: stick your arms out in front of you, lock your fingers, push out and raise them above your head. When you unlock your fingers above your head, your posture should be correct.

Happy running!

Article adapted from: http://beta.active.com/running/Articles/Good-Running-Form-for-Beginners?page=2